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Create and bridge NFTs
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You can bring your NFTs out of the chains so that you can use NFTs you like with projects you like


Why NFTHashi?


We use Connext, and Connext provides trust-minimized cross-chain messaging using optimistic verification provided by Nomad, the most trust-minimized protocol for cross-chain messaging so you can safely bridge your valuable NFTs!


NFTs that have already been issued can be bridged to other chains. That means your Punks or BAYC can go beyond Ethereum and can be used on any chain you like


Easily bridge your NFTs with our intuitive portal. For creators, it is easy to create NFTs that are natively cross-chain by adding the NFTHashi SDK into the NFT contract.

What can you build on?

Cross-Chain NFTs are not yet common, but there is high potential for them and can find new use cases in NFTs that did not exist before

Cross-Chain NFT collections.

New types of NFTs can be created, including Birth Chains and those with attributes that change with the chain you are in.

Cross-Chain NFT marketplaces.

Allows you to buy NFTs of your favorite chain without native tokens of other chains.

Cross-Chain NFT games

Enables BCGs to be built across multiple chains, rather than being tied to one chain.

Cross-Chain NFT governance

Allows two or more chains of NFTs to be the voting NFTs for governance.

Cross-Chain NFT lending

Allows NFTs to be used as collateral to borrow assets from other chains.

Cross-Chain NFT Rental

Allows you to lent NFTs of your favorite chain without native tokens of other chains..

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